Telemedicine for solo-practitioner pain clinic

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Jul 12, 2013
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I am in the process of writing up a business plan for a solo-practitioner pain management clinic, and was wondering if anyone could share their thoughts on the role telemedicine could or should have for our specialty moving forward, post-COVID-19.

I would be pleasantly surprised if reimbursement remains at parity for telemedicine versus in-office, but am not counting on it. Nevertheless, I envisioned using a much smaller office space than previously thought necessary (i.e. 1000-1200 sqft instead of 1400-2000 sqft), and dedicating in person visits only to procedures, new patients, and return patients who had changes in their condition.

What do you think is a realistic, financially viable percentage of patients who can be seen by telemedicine? 10, 15, 20%?

What is your telemedicine service of choice?

Thank you!

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