Temple CST Pre-Dent Post Bacc

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Mar 2, 2022
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Hi everyone. A little back story of myself, I am a recent college graduate of 2021, I am a pre-dent student who is currently looking at SMP and post bacc programs. I applied to Agnes Scott post bacc program and masters of medical sciences, University of Michigan Oral Health Sciences Masters Program, temple post bacc program the advanced and basic program, midwestern masters of biomedical sciences program, touro university masters in medical health sciences, chatham university masters in biomedical sciences, nova southeastern university masters of biomedical sciences, and George squared program. Stats, I have not taken any tests, I have a 3.35 gpa and 3.0 science gpa, I have shadowed and worked as a dental assistant, tons of volunteer hours. I received an interview with Michigan that was only for 15 minutes but just found out today I have an interview with temple's program, has anyone interviewed with them? If so how was it and the structure of it?

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