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Apr 28, 2000
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Any current Temple med students here? I'm wondering where most of the med students live . . . also, how's the public transportation? Is it necessary to have a car during the first 2 years?


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Hi Charlotte,
I will be a first year student at Temple in the fall. I believe that many students tend to live in the neighborhoods of Manayunk and Roxborough, as well as some in East Falls and Germantown. Bala Cynwyd is a little further out, a little more upscale. Some students also live in the city, in Old Town, by Rittenhouse Square, or in the Art Museum area. I think your question about the car depends on where you live and how willing you are to use public transportation (SEPTA). The medical school is accessible by public transport, so a car is not necessarily required. I hear that many students carpool, too.

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Hi. It is most likely that I, too, will be at Temple this fall. I currently live in Philadelphia, residing in West Philadelphia/University City area. I don't currently have a car (the insurance costs in Philly are ridiculous and parking is a pain.) While I have no problem getting around, areas such as Roxborough, the Main Line, Mount Airy are a little out of the way if you plan to spend significant amount of time downtown and don't plan on driving. If you live in the downtown areas - old city, queens village, art museum area, northern liberties, rittenhouse etc - parking (as well as higher rent) can be a problem. One student I talked to said that he recommended having a car during third and fourth year though...
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Thanks for the advice. I'm still undecided about living in the city or the suburbs. Hopefully another trip to Philly will help.

Have either of you received information from Temple regarding financial aid, housing lists, orientation schedules, etc.? After receivng my acceptance letter (which was months ago) I haven't heard anything, except for getting a PIN #.

--April :)
I haven't received anything yet... I've heard that they start sending out fin aid info as well as housing information etc after the 15th of May.
I went to visit Temple again in mid-April and asked the students and admission committee the same questions.

Re: Financial Aid -- if you want federal and /or university aid, submit your FAFSA. To qualify for Temple aid, you must include parent's info on the FAFSA. Temple does not do Direct Loans for federal aid (the Fin Aid director told me he can facilitate your application, using the American Express as your lender). He told me financial aid info isn't sent out much before mid-July, although he is always available if you want to call or stop by the office (in the basement of the SFC building).

Re: Housing -- a rising 2nd year student should be putting together a list of available apts. This list should be sent out to prospective students sometime over the summer. Temple doesn't help you much more than that, as far as I know. You may be able to gather some good info on apt. rentals from the website: http://www.philadelphiaweekly.com

Another 1st year student I talked to said that Temple sends a lot of paperwork to incoming students in early Aug.

Hope to see you there!!

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