Jun 12, 2015
achiever 1 2 3
QR = 240 260
Physics 220 250 250
GC 280 270 260
OC 310 310 280
RC = 210 230 !! :(
BIO 270 260 270

My test is in 10 days and those are my practice scores. I am aiming for 330 do you guys think its possible with those scores??
PLEASE help if you suggestions for reading :/
Feb 5, 2015
For reading comprehension, don't actually read everything. Read the introduction so you get a feel for what the topic/argument is.

Then for each paragraph, just skim and scan it. Summarize it into a sentence and write it on your board.

Finally go to the questions. While answering the questions, you can easily refer back to the paragraph that most likely contains the answer based on the one sentence summary you had before.

This is the strategy I learned and used. It is very helpful since you won't need to remember everything you read as you already have a summary of each paragraph. Also, it is hard to concentrate on reading everything anyways since you'll most likely be stressed out and all that :p