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Jan 8, 2002
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2 questions:

1. has anyone tried taking a "test run" of step 1? i know the prometric center offers this for $40. if you've only heard about someone doing this second hand....what was their take on it?

2. i keep hearing that the "flavor" of the test is different than what can bee found on qbank and BSS. i think what i hear most is that the physio questions involve experimental situations with a lot of stuff some of us have never heard of. while i'm confident that i'll be able to make sense of these sorts a questions i'd like to find questions that simulate a little better. it seems like qbank rarely goes beyond pressure/volume curves (or something as easy to decipher). BSS gets a little trickier but nothing like what i hear from friends who have taken the beast.


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May 5, 2000
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From people I know who've done the $40 test run, they said it was a good idea to get an idea of what it'll be like and most of them did it the week of, or the week before the real exam. I heard the questions on the test run are the same questions that are on the CD that the USMLE sends out, so it would be good to not do those questions beforehand.
Regarding your second question, I haven't heard of anything that approximates boards questions better than Qbank.
Good luck
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