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Testing Errors


10+ Year Member
Nov 3, 2008
  1. Medical Student
I've reached a point where I feel completely confident entering tests that I know all of the material; this feeling spans the length of the test, and I submit the test with the feeling I answered everything correctly. Of course, this is almost never the case.

When I review the questions I answered incorrectly all I see are errors in reading comprehension and the unexplainable. It's not a matter of not understanding the material; I do very well in small group situations explaining the information to attendings/residents/fellows, as well as with fellow medical students.

I get the impression that many of my classmates have had this part of their test taking execution handled for quite some time, which means some of you must have. I'm wondering if anybody that has been where I am at any point in their education has surmounted this problem, and how?

Re-reading flagged test questions has helped, but I find that many of the questions I get wrong I didn't flag (i.e., I was 100% confident in the answer when I answered, and thus had no reason to flag).
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Full Member
10+ Year Member
5+ Year Member
Feb 11, 2009
  1. Medical Student
One method I've had success with for such issues is underlining key words in the question as I read it. Key words fit into one of two main categories: 'not' in 'which of these is not' type questions and other such directions, and specifiers like 'skeletal' in 'skeletal muscle' so I don't give the answer that'd only be true for smooth.

Good luck!
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