Texas reapplication consultants

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Oct 16, 2009
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I would like anyones advice on good reapplication consultants (someone with some expertise who I pay) in Texas.
I want to go to UTHSCSA in San antonio, tx. Graduated from ut Austin with biomedical engineering 3.43/30 9ps may 09. Low writing score. Now I work in a very medical job for the past 7 months. Also have tricky disciplinary issue. Was suspended for a year. Took my 6 years to graduate. 5 yr bme program plus the one yr suspension. Was alcohol related but don't do that at all anymore. Really looking for specific, expert advice how totackle this and be successful next year.
Also, I would like to really thank the people that give their time to replying to sdn. It is extremely helpful and kind of u to give your time. Thank you.

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