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Feb 10, 2005
It was a tiring flight for me from Austin to Amarillo, but I had a great time over there!
Amarillo is a small town, but they really have a great pharmacy school. The people there are so nice and friendly and they treat you like family. One of their recruiter even offered ride for me to get to the airport right after the interview!
The interview process is intense yet the faculty and students make you feel comfortable and relaxed. My interviewers want me to know more about their school as much as they want to know about me. So, be prepared to have lots of questions for them before hand =) The interview questions are not difficult. It is really relaxed and lay-back. I had fun during my interview =D
One thing that I really like about texas tech sop is that their teaching is focused on clinical experiences throughout their curriculum. The pharmacy building is really high tech; all students are required to have a laptop. The texas tech faculty offers as much help as they can for their students; they'll do anything to help their students succeed. I am really impressed by their school!


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Mar 26, 2004
austin, tx
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me too! i was really impressed with the school, faculty, and students. everyone was soooo friendly and caring. if only it weren't in amarillo...but the experience made me realize that even if tech was the only school i got into, it wouldn't be as bad as i thought it'd be.