Thank you emails FROM residency directors?

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May 19, 2012
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As the deadline for rank lists draws near, I’ve been getting thank you emails from residency directors, reminding me of their program match #’s. Is this typical/ a generic email they send to all candidates? How often do RPDs do this?

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It's program dependent - some do it, some don't. They probably send it to all their candidates because it's a recruitment strategy but it also wouldn't be impossible for them to send it to specific individuals if you were super standout. I wouldn't read too much into it, but it's still is a nice gesture regardless of how many people they sent it to.
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I wouldn't really read too much into program thank you email replies and such. My friends and I received the same copy-pasted email from the same people that said we were good fits for the program and the interview went well, etc. Think of it as a reminder that you interviewed at the program, but not so much something where they are definitely ranking you at the top of their list or anything.
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anyone got a call from the site couple weeks after the interview to just ask how are u doing or if you have any questions? thanks
Don't read into it- some programs may send it to their top candidates, some may send it to everyone.

It doesn't change whether you'll be a good fit or not.