Oct 15, 2014
You guys are amazing. It means SO much that you are sharing your success stories.

I am an international student who doesn't have a home country to go to because I moved around so much. My parents have been here for almost decade and still haven't been offered a greencard-getting one is not nearly as methdical as it sounds and there isn't anywhere else to go after living here for ten years. I was a bio major till almost the end of my soph year and didn't put stake in college-freshman year was BAD. Succumbing to the presure, I changed majors and then realized how important biology and medicne was to me-BIGGEST mistake of my life. I've been so depressed lately-watching my friends and the love of my life do amazingly through college (he's also premed and works his butt off). I

Ever since that, I've been hunting forums like this one, trying to see if anyone else is in a same or similar boat. I'm so happy to see your hard work paying off. I know so many people who are in this position but most will probably decide to pursue something ele-and that's ok. To those of you who made it, congratz and thank you for showing us the light at the end of the tunne!