Alot of us were talking about the question where the T wave would be missing. I think the majority of people agreed that it was being smothered by the other waves. However I saw this post on another board and it does make a good arguement for another answer.

The EKG and T wave thing... here's the deal. In a person who isn't about to die, the T wave would be missing on the EKG because it is either hidden in the QRS or the P wave. The T wave is the ventricles repolarizing. Thus, in a living person, the ventricles ALWAYS repolarize, you might not see the T wave however. If the ventricles failed to repolarize, you'd be dead. BUT, with this passage, the other choice, "the ventricles failed to repolarize", COULD be correct... and this is why: if anyone does not have a medical background, which should be the majority of the MCAT taking population, failing to repolarize should be the answer... anything beyond this is beyond MCAT knowledge. But I know that it can be hidden in the QRS or P wave because I'm a nurse and I know it's true. Again, you shouldn't know this because the passage does not indicate it, nor does basic biology tell you this. This could be one of those toss up questions.


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but do you think the MCAT people would really put 2 correct answers? That would cause a lot of angry people and I really dont think that they would do that.
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