The Lowdown on NYCOM's Faculty

Discussion in 'Medical Students - DO' started by Neocyto, Apr 20, 2007.

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    In my experience, the more I knew about a professor, the more I'd enjoy their lectures and as expected, my performance on his/her exams would be drastically better;).
    The school's website has some information about the faculty, but I'm sure that many of us are interested in what the students have to say. Current students, please help the eager and anxious incoming class :D, give us the lowdown on the faculty!!! Your feedback will be appreciated by many of us.

    If you can, shed some light on.....
    Who is a good lecturer? Who is approachable? How do they test? Who answers the questions raised during class? (we've all had that teacher that is incapable of answering the darn question!) Who's moody?

    W/e you share will be helpful.


    [gobiggreen & PlasticMan - thanks for the advise already offered on the other thread!!!]
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