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Aug 26, 2001
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coolthang-all branches of the military use p.a.'s, also the VA, federal prisons, indian health service, state dept.,peace corps, and CIA.the federal govt. and the armed forces in general probably use more p.a.'s than any other single source. most branches of the military commission p.a.'s as officers. several p.a.'s have worked their way up the ranks to the level of colonel. I don't know if there are any p.a.'s on the general level staff of any service yet. hope that helps-emed P.A.(civilian) :D


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Nov 26, 2000
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The military is actually where PA's originated (kind-of) based on the medical experience of military corpsmen after vietnam. In anycase, yes, all branches of the military use PA's and are happy to speak with you if you are already a PA or a PA student. Also, there is a tri-service PA program that trains military PA's - at which I am currently getting ready to start the third week of the first year. A very intense experience to say the least.
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