Aug 29, 2017
Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
Hi All!

Just wanted to get your two cents on MPH admissions. I'm extremely nervous to apply because I feel as if my numbers are quite weak. I've heard the application process for an MPH is holistic, but I'd like to hear your experiences for those of you have applied. I plan to apply to Environmental Health Sciences programs (specifically IH) and my top choice is UCLA, CUNY, and perhaps U Michigan.

Here are my stats:

Major/minor: Biology/chemistry with a concentration in Ecology and Evolution from an R1 institution; graduated 2014
GPA: a sad, sad, sad 2.989
GRE: I take them next week, but according to my practice scores it's ~45th percentile Quant/~65-68th percentile Verbal
-I have extensive research. I researched 2.5 years during my undergrad in a behavioral ecology lab which resulted in 2 publications and a poster presentation at my university's honors college. During the two different summers in my undergrad, I did research internships in Costa Rica (via Duke University) and at my university's off campus ecology lab. Both of which I received scholarships for. Currently, I work in a pediatric cancer lab and also have extensive experience in handling large research animals (from mice to monkeys).
-I was also a teaching assistant during my undergrad. One semester of ecology and one semester of vertebrae morphology
-Whenever I can, I volunteer at Planned Parenthood and the Women's Center. Additionally, I am a member of my local AIHA chapter, whose president kindly offered to be my mentor.

LORs from: My current PI, my PI from undergrad, my industrial hygiene mentor, and my advisor
Personal statement is in the works! I will be visiting UCLA's campus to speak with professors and financial aid about the program. I'm hoping meeting with some faculty might also help me out. Won't be counting on it too much, but you never know! :) Any advice is helpful, thank you!
Aug 27, 2016
Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
Hey Lemons,

I am a first year IH student at Umich. I have good news and bad news for you. The good: you have some great experiences and having an IH for your LOR will be impressive. The bad: your grades will probably hurt you because in grad school you need a minimum 3.0 to pass and IH is very technical math/science coursework so they tend to care more about grades than some other concentrations.

Overall I think it's worth applying to schools you are interested in but make sure they are ABET accredited!

Good luck, it's a stressful process but so worth it!
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