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Friggin go away, freaks.
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Mar 3, 2003
Tulsa, OK
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Hey guys,

For those of you freaking out right now (all of you?)....

Last year, as I left the MCAT building, I was ticked off. I had taken all of the AAMC exams and not a one was as tough as the real MCAT. I was excited walking in because I got a 34 on AAMC 6R.

8 weeks later, I got back my score.... a 33. So, I guess you can miss more questions if they are harder. Or I got lucky. Take your own interpretation. But I think some of you will be pleasantly surprised later this year.

Even if you are not, always remember this: It's never too late to try again!



7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Apr 14, 2004
I feel like you did. I had taken 3R-7R and none of them compared to form ag mcat that I took yesterday(except for the verbal reasoning and writing sample). I hope what you suggest is what happened to me also. Thanks for the feedback! :rolleyes:
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