The under 2.0 club part 01

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Feb 2, 2007
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anyone in this category?

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Are you in this category?
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if you are in this category...i'm sorry to say you should be devoting all your time to, every waking moment you have. B/c even w/ a killer DAT score...sub 2.0 will not get you into Dschool
so what if some people have a sub 2.0; **** happens!!!!!! under 2.0 totally happens!
Under 2.0? Better get at least a master's with 4.0 and have 22+ on all DAT sections with kick-ass extracurriculars... Either that or just start over academically.
Don't you need at least a 2.0 to graduate from undergrad?

At my school (UTSA), and the last one I attended (Amarillo College), and the one before that (Frank Phillips College, Borger, TX), and the one before that (Baylor University). ABSOLUTELY.

And if one wants to do a master's, you will need a 3.0 to graduate (or possibly even to get in).