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Aug 24, 2003
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I have seen a trend in the past few years and things seem to escalating to new heights. I am referring to the watering down of medicine. While anesthesia is one of the main areas where this has been happening (ie. CRNA), it is also happening in all fields with the bullsh!t degrees of APRN/DNP. I cannot fathom how we, as a profession in general, are sitting back and letting this happen. I am disgusted every time I see the latest from the AANA or other "advanced nursing" groups. Its time we all, ALL MDs/DOs, got together and stopped this in its tracks. We have to get everyone on board (surgeons, medicine, neuro, ob/gyn) because it won't be long before nursing organizations will start referring to hernia repairs, lap choles, or C-sections as a "practice of nursing". The medicine people already have seen the writing on the wall and many are going for fellowship, no one is immune.

And for those who don't feel this has much of an impact on patient care, I have seen the major F-ups these people produce. I had a patient recently dx with stage 4 met cervical cancer due to the complete incompetence of an ob/gyn NP (unsupervised practice mind you). This woman had been complaining of vulvar/vaginal pain/irritation/itch, so what did this moron NP do? Skipped the internal exam and gave her scripts for atarax and benadryl and told her to follow up in 3-6 months.