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The way in which I am finishing pre reqs?

Discussion in 'Pre-Dental' started by PostDocCain, May 14, 2014.

  1. PostDocCain


    Oct 27, 2013
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Sooooo freshman year I came into college wanting to be a dentist so I choose bio as a major and I took bio with lab and got Cs in the lecture and As and Bs in the lab. I did not take chem as a frehsman like the typical bio major cuz I did not think I could handle it and I looking back on the decision it would of been too much but after bio lec and the labs my sGPA was 2.607

    Sophomore year I switched to business and almost gave up hope on becoming a dentist but after working in business related jobs and being bored and seeing people stuck at a job they did not want to be at I wanted to try science again but instead of switching majors I decided to just take the science classes as free electives for the upcoming year. Does this gap year pose a problem? I only took business courses that year and math both semesters and got an C+ in apllied cal 1 and a B- in applied cal 2 but i dont thing those classes are important (correct me if I am wrong) for DS cuz schools mostly advertise engineering calculus which is 4-5 credit hours a semester and my math was only business calculus for 3 semesters.

    Junior year during the fall I was in gen chem with lab but withdrew from both after three weeks cuz I got a C on the first exam but in the spring picked it back up and got an A- in the lecture & a B+ in the lab. The practice problems at the end of the book and studying chem 7 days a week for an hour or 2 paid off and this put my sGPA at 2.938. It sucks that I had to get 2 Ws on my transcripts cuz I was a day late for the withdrawing period.

    Summer semester just started and Im in gen chem 2 and the lab and should get an A- or A (it's the 12 week full summer term class and Im not occupied with anything else) in both hopefully which will put me in the 3.0 ballpark. Will the fact that I am not taking this pre req with a full semester load be a problem? I wanted to finish out gen chem and move onto physics and ochem so that I can establish a BCP gpa and move closer towards applying.

    And another question relating to pre reqs do schools that use 5 year rules for science pre reqs give any leniency? because some schools say 5 and others say 10?
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