Think I Got a Shot??

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Mar 26, 2009
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Hey everyone! Here's my stats:
BS- 10
PS- 9
VR- 9

GPA: 3.82

EC's: 2 student org leadership positions, hospital volunteering, teaching dance to disabled teens, shadowing, and clinical experience as a CNA, research for 3 years, volunteering at a downtown clinic for abused children

Do you think I can make it, or should I re-take the MCAT? What schools would you suggest? Thanks so much!

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Depending on your state school, you have a fair chance of an allopathic acceptance as you are. To improve your chances significiantly, either retake the MCAT, or add DO schools to your application list. Your ECs look good.
I'd agree with the above. What is your state of residence.
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(MCW is my top choice)
A GPA of 3.8 and MCAT of 30 are the mean stats for accepted students at MCW. The 3 years of research is well above average. Did you publish? And how many years and hours total did you spend on each of your other ECs? It's possible they coulkd trump your lowish MCAT score. What did you do at the downtown clinic?
No, I wasn't published for research. The clinic was the Child Protection Center of Children's Hospital. I basically just played with the kids who were victims of abuse in the waiting room, filed stuff, organized the waiting room and other rooms, and shadowed the docs working there. As a CNA I worked at a nursing home and did home healthcare for the elderly, quadriplegics, post-surgery patients, etc (close to 400 hours). I've volunteered in 2 outpatient physical therapy clinics and 2 in-patient. I'm going to Costa Rica this summer on a healthcare mission. I was a reading/writing tutor for Hmong students for a year. I've been the choreographer of a high school musical for over 3 years, working with over 100 students at a time. I help teach a dance class to developmentally-disabled teens and kindergarteners. Vice-president of one student org and Secretary of another, and I'm an exercise instructor/personal trainer. Sorry that was rambling, I appreciate your time and advice! Thank you!
otts, I am no mobius when it comes to "Chances" advice, but you have a great chance. Those ECs I can foresee compensating for the below-average MCAT. If your PS and LORs are in order, you are locked and loaded.
I agree with Slowpoke. I think you'll stand out. The choreography experience is unique as a leadership experience. Be sure to include lots of detail about it.
You will make it!!! Just make sure you explain every activity you did in detail! Take that part of the AMCAS Application very seriously! Best of luck :luck:!
I'm in agreement with the above posters. Your ECs should compensate for the subpar MCAT score at your favored school. (If only we served on that adcomm.)
And make sure you really focus on your essay. I can't emphasize this for someone like you enough. There are no red flags on your app, maybe a "light orange flag" on the MCAT, but one that will be overlooked with a coherent, well written story.
Apply to Saint Louis University and Medical College of WI early, I think you have a decent shot at these schools.