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Discussion in 'Step I' started by DrQuinn, Nov 26, 2002.

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    but I will pose it again. *sigh*

    I am about to take Step II in January... and haven't really started studying for it (much like my colleagues). I have, however, recently taking the Kaplan USMLE Step 2 CD test as well as the NMS Step II CD... I have been scoring around a 65-70% correct on these tests...

    For those that have taken Step II, do you think this correlates with performing satisfactorily on Step II? I am not sure how much I should be studying, really, and just need a general gauge right now... Thanks.
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    I took USMLE Step 2 on Nov 1. As far as question prep I went through the Kaplan QBank & QBook 1x each and think that was plenty of preparation. The practice CD is good too. Maybe read a book like Rx too.

    I started to look at the NMS questions but I think they are garbage since alot of them are not USMLE "style" questions. I heard there is a new edition of NMS so that may be better. The content was OK though.

    The A&L ALERT questions are not USMLE style either and not too good of a simulation.

    Overall, test is not that bad. I didnt get results yet but I felt very confident and feel like I crushed it. time wasnt an issue unless you are the type that ruminates on questions or are non native english speaker.

    my 2 cents: don't waste time with questions that do not reflect the current style of the exam.

    good luck

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