Thought I failed NAPLEX. Find hope here!

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Jul 20, 2013
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Hey Everyone,

I'm from California and I just received my NAPLEX score and miraculously passed!

Here's the story:

I started the test, super focused, overly meticulous, and spent way too much time on every problem. I triple checked everything and pondered over every question up until about 100/185 and realized I have less than an hour left!! I had 30 minutes left and I think 80 more questions... that's pretty ridiculous. I ended up wildly guessing on a good 10 questions, most of them being math problems (in which I just put in a random numbers to advance on to the next question). I was freaking out to the point where my hands were shaking. I was NOT going to finish and I knew there is a penalty for not finishing. I think I only finished 168 or 169 out of 185 questions. I left feeling absolutely horrible and for sure thought I failed. I called NABP asking about the penalty and they really weren't helpful at all, as I expected.

I thought, I must be the only person in history that did NOT finish over 15 questions on the NAPLEX.

I just received my score and miraculously passed with a score of 98. I am writing this post to give hope to people who think they may not have passed. I did not finish 16-17 questions, incurred a penalty, and was murky about the questions I did finish. The only thing I can think of is that I actually did well on my first 100 questions? Really not sure about that, but that is the only thing that makes sense. I scored 114 on my pre-naplex as well. I hope this relieves some anxiety. Good luck to those still waiting to take the exam or waiting for scores, and please manage your time!

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Congrats 77654. Good luck on CPJE.

From California also. I received my results the other day.

I only answered 163 questions with a flurry of math questions at the end. Thought I was the only one not answering that many questions. I also took my time and triple checked the math. I was hoping that the adaptive software would recognize a strong math background and not give me anymore questions...but the math just kept coming. Lesson learned: adaptive can go both ways.

Anxiety kicked in at the end and I had two options: Guess the remaining questions or make sure I answered each question correctly at the forfeit of not completing the test. I chose the latter. I did not know about the incurring penalty until a friend referred me to this website. And seriously, this website can give hope to those looking for it as well as unnecessary anxiety for those waiting for their results. I was so close to failing by default.

In reality, if we were working as pharmacists and the work shift was ending we would not randomly throw in random drug doses, INRs recommendations, etc and go home. We'd take our time to make sure everything was correct. But who am I to say. Naplex tests you on both accuracy and efficiency.

I passed with 107. For those curious: my status changed from ATT generated to Registration Closed after two days of the taking the test and the grayed NAPLEX button changed to orange. Took over 2 weeks snail mail before I received my results.

The worse feeling was when the time ran out. The proctor came up to me and told me I didn't finish the test. No $hit Sherlock. I hope they have that part recorded in the videos. Totally unprofessional and totally snooping in on my test.

So for those about to take the test: is it better to complete the test and guess with wrong answers or score points on harder questions but never finish?... Neither. Don't put yourself in that position. Click and move on don't dwell on the questions.

Don't lose hope, trust yourself and good luck.
Wow 2 weeks for results. I'm from Cali too. Took Naplex 7/16. 2 days later my status changed to registration closes. And Greg button turned orange. Hopefully good news..but I just want to know! Snail mail :(