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Jun 12, 2008
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I ended up getting more interviews than I thought I would have and I have already been accepted to Temple so I am thinking about canceling a few interviews at schools that I think I would most likely not go to if I were accepted to them (case being one of those). However, before attending my Temple interview, Temple was one of my lower choice schools but after seeing their presentation and getting more information about the school, Temple has become one of my top choices. Based on how my opinion changed of Temple after my interview, I am kind of hesitant about canceling interviews before I even go see the school and hear what they have to say about their programs. I would really like to save some money though by not having to go to interviews at schools where I honestly dont see myself attending anymore unless they have a great program that I am unaware of. So for anyone who already had their interview at Case, please let me know if there was anything that you saw or they told you that really impressed you and has made Case one of your top choices to attend. Thanks!


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Apr 10, 2008
Toronto, ON
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I went and got accepted at Case
I thought the program is very interesting, somewhat relaxing, but challenging.
They get serious number patients (i'm sure temple does too)
They are one of the leading universities on graduate studies.
The clinic was not super-brand-new but I thought it wouldn't really matter for my studies as long as it is up-to-date.
The location (Cleveland) was not the most pleasurable place to live but it is on "relatively" safe and wealtheir part of town.
Everything is in one building and parking as well but i heard parking is almost impossible to get in that building.
I've heard good things about Case and in fact I'll be attending Case in august

I suggest why not go do the interview and listen to what they have to say
300-400 dollars is worth investing to find the most appropriate and enjoyable school for you. You're gonna be there for four years, saving 300-400 dollars could lead to a "wrong decision" <- just a small very little possibility.
I'm sure you will choose the one that is perfect for you


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Sep 8, 2008
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i was actually really impressed with case, i thought their facilities rivaled if not surpassed some of other schools i have been to (check out my predents)
you should see it if you have the time/money!
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