Jan 31, 2020
Anyone have information on Drexel MBS? I feel like it is a good fit because I have a 3.3 ugpa and 2.95 sgpa so the 2 years give time to improve and show growth. Doing well Would get me over 3.0 sgpa and show growth in difficult courses. Do you think this program is enough that if I do well I will be a competitive applicant at low tier med schools? I had a 504 first try but plan on re-taking w/ goal of 510-514 since there is built in MCAT prep in the program. Does anyone have any information if attaining 3.75-4.0 in the program is doable? Any thoughts or advice is much appreciated, thanks.
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Apr 25, 2019
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The MBS is a masters program, correct? If so, then it will not affect your undergraduate GPA. If your goal is simply to become a more competitive applicant, I might suggest either the IMS program or a one year SMP. A 3.75-4.0 anywhere is doable, you just have to do the work. If it changes anything for you, the current second year of the MBS class has ~30 students left, when they started with 44 last year (source- friend in the program).

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