Thoughts on Tanezumab for Chronic Low Back Pain


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Jun 22, 2020
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Read a low % can have severe joint deterioration with this drug. Any precipitating issues to look for before this drug is prescribed. Do we know which individuals are in the higher range of this possible side effect?


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Dec 12, 2006
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I was unaware of this drug, so thanks for bringing it to my attention. It's not on the market yet though.

I have issues with any study for "low back pain" because in my opinion this is a garbage diagnosis. However, this is the most recent study with this medication.

"The proportion of patients with ≥50% improvement in LBPI at week 16 was 37.4% in the placebo group, 43.3% in the tanezumab 5mg group (Odds ratio [95% CI] vs placebo = 1.28 [0.97, 1.70; P=0.0846]) and 46.3% in the tanezumab 10mg group (Odds ratio [95% CI] vs placebo = 1.45 [1.09, 1.91; P=0.0101])"

Interesting, although I'm sure when this comes out it'll $10,000 per dose or something stupid which means no one will get it. I can't even get Nucynta covered.
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