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Time Frame!!

Discussion in 'Dental' started by DesiDentist, Jul 23, 2001.

  1. DesiDentist

    DesiDentist G. S. Khurana, DMD, MBA
    Moderator Emeritus Exhibitor 10+ Year Member

    Jul 21, 2001
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    Hello all.

    I am going to apply to dental school next year (2003) and I was wondering on what type of time line I should use? I'm currently taking summer courses and I should be planning out my future schedule. Some questions I would like answered would be when to take the DAT's, complete the application, and apply? Please help me figure out when to do what since you have already done it. Thanks in advance.
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  3. Thebeyonder

    Thebeyonder Senior Member
    10+ Year Member

    Jul 8, 2000
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    Medical Student
    If you are applying to dental schools in the next application year you can take the DAT in May of next year. The DAT is computerized and the results are sent to the dental schools you request immediately. I took the DAT in July since I was taking classes until May. This way I had at least a month of uninterrupted study time for the DAT. Also if you would like to purchase Top Score Pro cd to study for the DAT, email me. I have it and can sell it to you at a reduced price.

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