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Oct 23, 2004
Quick Q for anyone who knows the timeline of matching in 2007.

I'll be finishing basic sciences in April 2005, and hope to take Step 1 sometime in early to mid Aug. 2005. Assuming that I get my scores in a timely manner, and if I can begin my clinicals in Sept or Oct. 2005, is the timining of taking Step 1 appropriate, or should I take it a little bit earlier?

I would welcome any advice from those who've gone through this path already. Thanks.


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May 24, 2003
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no, the timing is entirely inappropriate. there's no reason for you to spend 4 months studying for step 1. more appropriate would be a 3-5 week block for study time. best of luck.


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Feb 15, 2005
the big D
As far as i know, most people take step 1 during the brief summer vacation between 2nd and 3rd year (before the clinical years start). Your score will come back in about four weeks. Your step 1 score is needed primarily for your residency apps and in order to progress thru med school (we had to pass it before starting 4th year, don't know what your schools policy is). Not sure exactly what your question is, but I didn't start working on my residency application until sept. of my 4th year. After you finish third year and decide on a specialty, you can begin to gather your LORs and write your CV and Personal statement (july/aug of 4th year is when i did this). You will then fill out residency apps in sept (for the main match) and begin to schedule interviews (got offers in oct/nov). I interviewed primarily in dec and january. You then submit your ROL in feb and match day is in march. This was my experience....Hope it helps. Good luck.