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    can anyone tell me how long the application process is. Say I just sent out my aacomas today. Is it possible to find out by December?
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    find out what? if you have an interview?- probably. if you have an acceptance?- maybe. the whole process can take until next march or april (or longer), so be prepared to wait.

    take it easy

  3. Timing makes a big difference.
    I'll give my AACOMAS data as an example(note this was in '99) I delivered my application May 31st was called for interviews August 31st, interviewed in Sept-Oct. (which are the first round) Accepted in Oct. The year prior my application was turned in In Sept. and I was wait listed b/c all the "slots were filled" by the time AACOMAS delivered my application which was Dec.

    Schools fill up their slots early hence it's best to apply very early. AACOMAS takes about 8 weeks to process an application and this time frame lengthens with each month past June. August is the peak time for applications they may not get yours processed until December-- which means many of the school have interviewed at least 3/4 of their allocated spots.

    Sit tight and call AACOMAS to make sure your transcripts, essay, and all other forms needed in the process are in order. If you don't get in this year apply next year but make sure AACOMAS has all your data there by June. You can get transcripts sent to AACOMAS in the end of may--those take the longest time to coordinate.

    You can also call the school and let them know your interest in taking a tour, or having an advisor send a recommendation letter to one school of your choice stating your qualifications and that they should strongly consider your application when they receive it.

    Good luck and keep us posted
    :) Diane

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