Timeline for child psych applications.

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Jun 23, 2009
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Hi y'all! I was hoping to get some clarification on the timeline for applying to child psych. From what I understand from online searches (my adult program hasn't been too helpful with this), we can apply for our ERAS token on June 6th, and then we can start inputting applications as soon as we get our token. How long does it usually take to get a token? I'm concerned that my MSPE and med school transcript will take a while to reach them; do we have to wait until June 6th to request these? Also, to clarify, are the letters of recommendation part of the token? That's what it looks like on the site.

I see programs can start downloading on July 15th, so that's not a whole lot of time to get everything together once you get the token. Thanks so much!

Here are the links I was going off:

Psychiatry Match - The Match, National Resident Matching Program

ERAS 2018 Fellowship Application Timeline

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I'd just add as someone who has led a few residents through this process, that there is really not any rush to have those applications all ready at the crack of July 15. Most of my residents got them completed by early August, and were interviewing in September and October.
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I went thru this process a couple years ago, and also felt stressed about having to pull information from multiple sources to get one timeline. I'd wait til you have your token before you start requesting letters, transcripts, etc. Schools and letter writers will need the instructions from the ERAS website with your unique ID. I wouldn't want to request the materials then for them to have no where to upload it.

I also agree with OldPsychDoc. There's no rush with this process. I had a friend decide she wanted to apply child in August and she still matched at a top program. It's certainly not as stressful/competitive as the adult psych match process!
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