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Dec 31, 2006
    How long should I spend on each passage? Although I'm pretty happy with my practice exam results, I'm really slow. It takes me 10-15 minutes to do a single passage. How will I speed up without losing accuracy of my answers?


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    Apr 3, 2008
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      This is what I do (got it from kaplan):

      For the PS & BS: (work through the passages in pairs)

      Do the discrete questions first : spend 13 mins (clock will read: 57 mins)
      Do the 1st 2 passages: 16 mins (clock: 41 mins)
      the 2nd two passages: 16 mins (clock: 25 mins)
      Do the 3rd pair of passages: 16 mins (clock: 9 mins)
      you have 9 minutes for the last passage

      -i don't worry about going over by a minute, because I usually finish another part I know better a little faster.

      VERBAL: (again pairing the passages)

      1st pair of passages: 17 mins (clock: 43 mins)
      2nd pair: 17 mins (clock: 26)
      3rd pair: 17 mins (clock: 9)
      you have 9 mins for last passage

      It helps keep you on track and from not lingering on a question too long.

      good luck


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      Jun 27, 2007
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        Some people do them in order, others go after the discretes first. The pros of doing the discretes first is that you can rack up some easy (relatively) points in a short amount of time. The pros of going in order is that you can use the discretes as a break in between passages. Just go with whatever you prefer.
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