Feb 25, 2017
To those in private practice:

What do you do when a patient wants you to certify their tinted window exemption?

I know this is state dependent: some have lax requirements ("due to a medical condition") while others have very stringent, specific conditions that must be met (e.g. xeroderma pigmentosa, etc)

The patients usually have the same story: "I was pulled over the police and they gave me a summons for my tinted windows. I need YOU to justify that I need the tints. " (9 out of 10 times, they claim they have light sensitivity when driving and need it: obviously, there are polarized sunglasses which can be used. I haven't justified anyone cause the state in which I practice has stringent requirements for the tinted window exemption.

I am curious how those in private practice address this.

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Dec 6, 2015
Attending Physician
We tell our patients that our practice's policy is to not fill those out. Period.
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