May 10, 2018
Hi everyone! I’m testing on June 15th and I just took my first full length yesterday (Kaplan FL#1, scored a 501: 125/126/126/124). Does anyone have any tips on how to best review your practice full lengths?
Aug 14, 2017
I always liked to make flash cards on concepts that I missed, and re-review them consistently.

For PBQ's, I would try to see where you went wrong, whether its misreading the question, missing a passage theme, or incorrectly interpreting the answer, and from there learn how modify your test taking from there.

If you are unaware, I will say Kaplan tests are slightly deflated and sometimes tend to be waaaaaaayyy too detail oriented. But its a good way to test your understanding on concepts. So don't be too hard on yourself. June 15th is 2 months out, but I would make sure to allow time for AAMC material as well.
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Sep 4, 2017
Great that you're focusing on reviewing your FLs in great detail. This is how I saw the most improvement in my score (517 - 126/129/132/130). I've attached a couple of screenshots from a spreadsheet template I used in reviewing all 10 of my FLs. This is from a very early one Kaplan FL2 (spoiler alert - only a few explanations per B/B and CARS sections).

I really would try to tease out why you missed the question. Sure, it really could be content, but as you can see in my descriptions, I only considered wrong answers content if I thought a flashcard with a definition would have seriously allowed me to pick the right answer. A lot of the time, I found missed questions to stem from a misinterpretation of the passage, q-stem, or lack of comprehension of the passage itself. I would then assign homework that either entailed content review from another source I haven't already tapped into; or if it was a test-structure issue, would initially go back and outline that entire passage with question headers on a sheet of paper asking the following types of questions: What is the main purpose? What bits of information do I need to know? What is the q-stem getting at? How can I explain the other answer choices as wrong? Finish the entire review guide + homework assignments first, then go back and do the homework assignments.

I found after doing the outlining for several passages later, I started to have - by far - less error due to misinterpretation of passage/q-stem. Continue to adapt as you improve. You may not have to always assign homework if it was just a silly mistake or if you can simply make a content flashcard and move on. Lastly, make flashcards. If it is a simple concept you didn't know - make a flashcard. Formula? Flashcard. P/S theory? Flashcard. Make it and move on. Don't waste too much time overkilling a content area that you will see again, guaranteed.

Feel free to DM if you have any further questions. Good luck.