Tips for the week before the DAT


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Jul 8, 2020
    Just take it easy! You’ve worked hard up until this point, relax a bit so you can go in fresh and rejuvenated. I resumed playing more video games (2 hrs/day) during my last week, when for the three months leading up to the last week, I played maybe 1 hr/week. I scored a 26 AA, 24 TS, and 30 PAT. Rest and recreation are important, and it’s why I felt calm, confident, and alert going into my test. Don’t overdo it!


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      What are some tips for the week before the DAT? Should I be going over questions? Or should I review my notes?
      I would focus on any areas of weakness, at this point you should feel very confident and just tying up loose ends. I would avoid doing anything that makes you feel anxious, by that I mean adding any new materials to your study plan. If for any reason you are not feeling fully prepared, you have the option to reschedule, I am just throwing that out there. No one wants to take this exam more than once.

      Wishing you all the best...#think30...Nancy
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      Aug 13, 2019
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        Do both. I know people say don't burnout but that's because they are probably weaklings.

        Work a few full length practice exams early in the week, then review your difficult concepts hard for the couple of days before the exam.

        I worked two a day for 3 days straight. One in the AM followed by review. 2 hour lunch break. One in the PM followed by review.
        Then for the 3 days before the exam, I just reviewed the concepts I frequently missed on those exams. The morning of, I got up a couple hours early and reviewed a couple of nitty gritty memorization things. Most people would barf and cry in their room at the idea of studying the day before a big exam - their heads might explode when they see I reviewed the morning of too.

        But repetition like that works well for some people - works great for me. I used that same intensity throughout undergrad and grad school and it worked great for me. I'm using that intensity in dental school now, and guess what ---- still working great.

        You do you because only you know yourself, grasshoppa.



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          I'd review only questions you had a tough time on (assuming you noted them down in early attempts) and your notes. I whittled my already sparse notes down to only the trickiest concepts as I progressed in my studying. It's a poor use of time to review stuff you are really solid on.
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