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To all IMGs who Matched!!WHERE?

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7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Jan 2, 2004
    Congratulations!!Hope all of you got into a program of your choice..It would be nice if you could take a few moments to write down.....

    The speciality you matched....
    Where you matched....
    Your USMLE scores....
    Your country of medical school....
    Any add-ons like research ,previous residency etc..

    If you have time you are welcome to add where all you interviewed so that all IMGs out here can get a fair idea of the Programs which are IMG friendly in each speciality...othre than for IM there's hardly a list on this anywhere on the web..if anybody knows of any then plz add the link here..

    The IMGs who are already in the residencies are also welcome to add their experiences and about the IMG friendliness of the program they are in.

    This forum undoubtedly must have helped all IMGs in many ways..this would be an ideal way to give back some to the forum and help the future IMG applicants with dreams of getting into their favourite speciality here in USA.

    This sure would be appreciated by all and also it would be nice to know from the list of familiar names about who matched where.:)
    Thanks everybody!!!!

    PS- I am posting this in every forum as it is targeted to help IMGs in all apecialities.
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    Not open for further replies.