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To all members of Tufts class of 2006

I am a second-year student (M'05) at Tufts and just wanted to congratulate all of those who have been accepted and those who will be accepted shortly. I got in exactly a year ago today (my friends think I'm crazy for remembering that:)), and there is typically a good deal of movement in the last half of July. I also wanted to let people know that you can feel free to ask me any questions you might have by posting, PM-ing me, or e-mailing me. If anyone wants to get together for lunch or something before school starts, I will be returning to the Boston area between August 8-17. It would be cool to meet some of the new M'06's since I didn't get to meet many M'04's last year, and they seemed like cool people. Anyway, congratulations again and best of luck in medical school.


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Jul 17, 2002
    Hi Kate, Thanks for all your posts on this site- very few current students post to the site. I won?t get to campus until the 21st, but would still like to get any advice you can offer. I am trying my best now to hang with friends, relax and have fun! I will be in the MD/MPH program. I am looking forward to meeting you and my new classmates!:clap:
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