to apply or not to apply?


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Sep 1, 2007
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here are my credentials:
oat- 360 (aa) 370 (ts)
gpa- 3.0
extracurricular: secretary of the pre-optometry school at my school, optometric technician for 1.2 years, shadowed 3 specialized optometrists, vision screener for non-profit organization for almost a year
side note: i graduated this may and was taking a year off so instead of being a bum and sitting at home i thought i'd try to compensate for my gpa by taking grad classes in biology, so i'm a full time grad student right now

i applied to sco, suny, pco, and indiana only and got interviews from all 4. i was wondering if based on my credentials i should apply to more schools because i'm not sure how good my chances are at the one's i applied? i know suny is definitly competitive, but does anybody know how it is with sco, pco, and indiana? i'm worried my gpa will probably not win me any points and that's why im considering applying to more..

i had an interview with sco 1.5 weeks ago and should hear from them soon. my interview with indiana is dec 8th, pco is jan 13, and i have to still schedule my SUNY one.

what do you guys think?


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Jun 15, 2008
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I think your stats and other credentials are great. If you have already been invited for interviews, then you don't need to worry about your gpa because at this point, they probably don't care as much about that and want to see what kind of person you are and find out for sure if you really want to do optometry. In your interviews, just show them that optometry is right choice for you and the kind of experiences you have had in the field.

I was worried about my gpa too but I have been accepted to all the schools that invited me for an interview (SCO, IU and ICO). You should apply to more schools if you aren't happy with the ones you applied to. If you feel like there are other schools that have more to offer than the ones you are interviewing at, then go ahead and apply to more to find your right school. But, you have a good chance of getting accepted to the ones you have interviews for.
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