To Our Incoming Interns

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Jun 18, 2021
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I'm sorry to our incoming class of interns.

We, the current residents, really really really wanted to reach out to you over the weekend after the day you matched to our residency. Throughout the year before last week, we made sure we expressed and reiterated to the leadership of our residency how important it was for us to make sure the incoming class felt like they were welcomed into the family whether you matched or soaped in. We wanted to ensure that you, after the emotional highs and lows of last week come to pass, that any concerns that you have of your new home for the next few years would at least be made less uncertain. The residents really really really wanted to at least get your emails/numbers from leadership and to welcome you all with a group greeting over the weekend.

But alas, leadership for reasons that do not make an ounce of sense, denied a request to have your contact information sent out to the current residents over the weekend. Therefore, it might be a while until you have contact from any current residents. I'm sorry for this. Leadership continues to do things the way that has always been done, and then complaining about the extra work involved during SOAP, likely ensuring that year after year, most if not all of the spots available are not filled by enthusiastic matches (those that want to be residents here) but from desperate applicants who soap in (but who nevertheless will be welcomed with open arms from the current residents).


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Oh that’s nuts. We always got contact info for the new class, though were under strict orders not to reach out until later in the afternoon after our chair and PD had a chance to call everyone. I remember getting texts and calls from most of the residents when I matched too. Thought this was pretty standard at least for smaller programs.
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Interesting! On the other hand, 99% of the time, we match from our auditioners, so we almost always have their contact info from earlier in the year.
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