to take a post bacc or continue with my game plan? need your advice please!


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Nov 7, 2017
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Hello everyone, im quite in a dilemma on what to do.

To give you guys a quick rundown.

sGPA: 3.1
overall GPA: 3.0
DAT test date: August 1st.

got everything else filled out for the application (LOR, hours for shadowing,volunteering, etc).

Ive been in the dental field for 9 years now. Working full time as a dental assistant and part time lab technician.

So, i know my GPA isnt strong and I' am relying heavily on the DAT. Hopefully everything else in my application stands out in regards to working, volunteering, etc. I havent taken the DAT yet and plan on taking it August 1st.

My question is, knowing my GPA isnt strong, should i also apply to start post bacc (specifically at Midwestern university - Downers Grove, IL) this August? Even though im applying this cycle to schools, I'm just so tired of wasting time. I don't want to wait until the end of the year to find out I haven't been accepted and THEN they're going to recommend me to take the post bacc the following year.

I was thinking of applying this cycle to all my dental schools, applying to the post bacc and start in August, and then if i do get accepted into dental school i can drop out of the post bacc in December. What do you guys think? I would really like some feedback please. I appreciate you guys a lot, thank you!


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Oct 31, 2015
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I don't know when the acceptance cycle is for the post bac you're looking into, but my experience was something like this:

1. I applied through TMDSAS around june and the cycle was getting late and I wasn't getting acceptances/rejections despite getting interviews
2. so I applied to a masters program where the application deadline was around the march-april time frame, where both the dental school and masters program matriculation time was around the same time. (I applied for the program starting in jan)

I think the start timing and when you commit to a program would play a huge factor, along with application costs.
I'm not sure if that helped, but I hope it does. I did interview at Midwestern my 2nd application cycle, so I can help if you get one!

Best of luck on the DAT!
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