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Feb 7, 2006
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How did you go about typing up the application?

I am having great difficulty editing the PDF document and tried copying and pasting into m.word which worked, but after inserting 10 text boxes realized that it looked pretty terrible.

I called the admissions office and was told that "there is a way to do it," but they're not sure exactly how....very helpful

Did you just fill it by hand and type up the essays?

thanks for the advice!


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May 18, 2004
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I hand wrote the short answers and typed the essays and attached them

For my graduate application there (I'm MD/PHD) I had to type things in word, print them, and tape them onto the printed PDF. It was horrible. I am thinking they will reject me just for that. But i don't have access to a typewriteer so its the best I could do.

Good luck with yours :luck:


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Oct 20, 2003
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I did the text box thing, it didn't look so bad. You can buy the whole Adobe thing and type it up that way. What really killed me was trying to type the classes used for the requirements. I ended up making a new chart on Excel and putting my classes in that way and then just pasting it over their chart. You can't tell that I used my own chart.

The other thing to try is just typing it up on Word, and then printing it out onto the hard copy and see where it lines up. Good luck with it though, it's annoying as anything.
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