today i was informed that i have been accepted to AZCOM.

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Feb 16, 2002
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I was just informed via a telephone call that i have been accepted to arizona college of osteopathic medicine. I have a dilemma. I am trying to decide between Western University and Arizona. I am just concerned about the abmulatory rotations at arizona. Can someone enlighten me more about that.

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Unfortunately the only thing that I can offer is my congratulations. That's a great dilemma to be in!
Congratulations! I'm in AZCOM's class of 2006. Aloha kid might have some insight or maybe tedsadoc. They are already students there. Good luck with your decision!
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Congratulations to another one of my fellow class mates. I too had the same dilemma, AZCOM or COMP. Obviously I have chosen AZCOM. It just seemed like a better fit for me. Personally, I liked the idea of ambulatory rotations, due to the fact that you are not looking over 4 other peoples shoulders to see what is going on, but to all there own. Again, I am very pleased with my decision, and know that I am going to get an excellent education at AZCOM. Good luck with your decision.

I would definitely go to AZCOM! Of course I am biased towards the school b/c I will be starting there in the fall, but I think it is a REALLY good school. I didn't have a choice b/w COMP and AZCOM, but I did have a choice b/w AZCOM and a few other schools. I preferred AZCOM, hands down! As far as rotations being ambulatory, this is one thing that sold me on the school. It makes sense to me to learn directly from the physician. Others will disagree, but I think I will have better (definitely equal) experiences and be farther along as a late 3rd year student than some 4th year students at other schools. I have been in correspondence with a couple of current students and they will attest to this. So, it's all in what you believe will be most effective FOR YOU and where YOU will fit in the best. Hope to see you in the fall.....if not good luck to you :) !

I just couldn't let this post die without throwing in my two cents in support of AZCOM :cool: :cool: :cool: .
congrats!!!! both schools are super places to get your education. I also will go to azcom and was accepted to comp. What did you feel at each respective school?? as you walked around campus/talked with students/interviewed, what did you think??? i loved comp and felt good there--i felt i would be taught well.....but at azcom things all fell into place. i just knew that is where i wanted to go. The ambulatory thing is also a huge reason i want to go to azcom. i have attended various sugery/proceedures with med students and you really don't get in on that much. The other thing is that this is not the only way you'll do your rotations- you'll do both teaching hospital and ambulatory/preceptor-based. think how sweet will it be to be able to tell a student next to you in a hospital setting EXACTLY what is going on because you saw it first hand before?!! I really feel we'll impress the pants off others with the knowlege base we'll build learning one on one from a preceptor-- you can't beat being taught individually!! This brings up another biggie as to why i prefer azcom over comp-- the class is half the size and the pass rates rate was 100% on the boards-- 100%!!!! you literally can't beat that!!!! you should feel great about being in such a sweet dilema, there are many who are in the dilema of deciding to try again next year so soak it up as much you can!! Good luck and post any other questions!!

Congrats on being accepted at AZCOM!!!
It's an achievement to say the least.
Good luck in your decision between the two.
Look forward to possibly meeting you in the fall at AZCOM.

Take care
Western is a great school and so is AZCOM. AZCOM has affilliation with quite a few hospitals in Arizona and out. In essence, that means AZCOM has connections with those hospitals when it comes to putting students in there for rotations. However, we do not have a hospital that we can call oficially call ours like many other medical schools do. If I'm not mistaken, I believe Western likewise has only affiliations.

Let me give you guys an example of what I want to do. I'm from Hawaii. I want to do my third and fourth year in Hawaii. AZCOM has connections with University of Hawaii med program. UH's programs allow AZCOM students to rotate through their hospitals and training programs. Only a limited number are allowed at any given time. AZCOM can help to set that up for me should I choose this hospital/teaching facility based route. If for example, there are 20 or more people who want to rotate in Hawaii then obviously not all can rotate there. A few will get denied when it comes to the lottery system AZCOM holds for its second year.

Many hospitals, however, accept indvidual applications. If you want to apply and azcom has no connections, then you can do it independently. Almost all hospitals I can think of whether they be public, or private do it this way. There are some hospitals that have closed door policies. For example, OHSU only allows its own students to rotate in its system. Some hospitals may not even have a teaching program for third and fourth year students.

You can try to email the rotations office to see what kind of affilliation or connections they have in the future locations you are intereted in.

An added benefit about AZCOM is the preceptor based option. Instead of hospital based training, a student can base third and fourth year off a specific doc in a specific specialty. Doing this allows you hospital acess with specific hands on experience. For example, many third and fourth years asssit and scrub in on surgeries. One fourth year told me how he got to do a whole procedure on this ladies broken leg while the doc just talked him through it. If you stay in Arizona, AZCOM can assign you to docs. If you go out of AZ and want this preceptor based option then you need to set it up yourself. THis means, calling the doc, explaining what it entails, and getting approval from AZCOM etc.

Many third and fourth years have a mix of hospital base training and preceptor based training.

For the third year, only 6 months max can be spent outside of AZ. During your fourth year you can spend the whole year out of AZ if you want.

Hope this helps. There's a lot I still don't understand. I may not be 100 percent up on everything. By talking to third ad fourth years, however, I feel pretty good about the whole thing.

Sit tight, the program is good. TESADOC???
AZCOM is a great program. I am a first year here, and we are already getting great experience. They require you to go to a preceptor your first two years for a few hours every other week, and some people are having great experiences. I spend a day a month in the ER and you name it, I've probably seen it. My buddy goes to a OB/Gyn and he scrubbed in last month and was doing D & C's. They've got us with hand surgeons, family docs, orthos, lots of stuff. And as far as 3rd and 4th year goes, they only require 6 months here in Arizona, and we have access to Mayo and UofA teaching hospitals. Then you can spend the rest of your time here ambulatory, or arange pretty much whatever you want out of state. That is my plan since I want to go into ER, and all of the good residency programs are MD and out of state. Good Luck, hope to see ya in the fall.
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First of all, congratulations.

I don't know much about these schools, but the general consensus I have found on here and other places is that AZCOM is a sweet place.

Either way, good luck with everything.

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