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Too early for prep courses?


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Jun 4, 2005
    Hey! I'm a first year Post Bacc taking general chem 2 and Bio Cell (i've already taken Bio as an undergrad). So far i'm only outstanding a year of Orgo and physics. I plan on studying during the summer for both classes. Is it too early for me to enroll in a prep course for the MCAT even though I've yet to take these two important courses?

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    Nov 20, 2006
      If it were me I would just self-study for a while. Not having taken Orgo is no big deal in my eyes but physics too is stretching it. Take the AAMC 3 verbal for free online to see where your verbal stands so you can start improving that now if you need to. The last thing you want is to end up like any of the other posters who have solid BS/PS scores but have verbal scores that are very low. You can't study verbal. You can only practice it.


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      Jun 27, 2007
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        I wouldn't say it's too early strictly because you don't have those classes. I'm assuming you're going to finish those classes before the summer you take the test (June 2009). It wouldn't hurt to study up on everything with your study books. I'm kind of hesitant to recommend doing any practice problems though. Yes, practice problems are key to success, but I think you should concentrate them about 3 months before you take the test. If you could get done with all the content review before that 3 month window, you will be in a good position. Doing the content review will also help you in those classes. So my advice, only do content review for now & nail it, read some journal articles/New Yorker/Economist etc to prep for verbal, and do an insane amount of practice problems & practice MCATs starting 3 months before you take it.
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        Jul 27, 2005
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          I second what SN2ed said. I was in your same position when I started thinking about the MCAT. I was non-trad taking Physics and OChem as my last prerequisites. I started in October studying content. Then by March I started to hit question sets and AAMC practice tests pretty hard before taking the MCAT in early May. I ended up with a really great score and I think part of that was because all the physics and OChem content was fresh in my mind. So I say no, it is not too early to start studying. Just focus on content for now then do problems later. Good Luck!
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