Too late to get addiction pathway boarded?

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Apr 9, 2012
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Only 25% of your required addiction hours can be in a general psychiatric practice. You need 75% of hours (1400+) in an addiction specific practice like an addiction center, addiction IOP, etc.

Can you pick up a full-time addiction job somewhere to build hours quickly?
Similarly... I cover a detox unit when moonlighting. Can those hours count?
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Similarly... I cover a detox unit when moonlighting. Can those hours count?

I’m not the decision maker, but what role do you have? If you are covering the psych hospital which includes the detox unit, I would estimate that it wouldn’t count toward the 75%. That is gen psych work that includes addiction. If you are the director of the John Doe Addiction Wing and all of your patients are addiction at the facility, I would say that it likely does count.

They want to see you working where it is 100% addictions. It will really help if it has a name addiction specific.
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To expand on the above if you cover a detox unit specifically that likely counts. If it is one of many hospital services you cover on shift (with relatively few calls from the detox unit) or if it is part of something like a general inpatient service then it probably will not be considered addiction-specific. I would consider contacting ABPM to see if they can clarify so you can plan accordingly.
I got grandfathered in after working in a Bup-heavy pain clinic in a county hospital with very high rates of SUD, I described my practice and got some letters from addiction boarded docs in support.
They may have gotten stricter since then.