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Mar 15, 2010
Hi Friends, I wanted to do a PhD in toxicology and so I took the GRE. But after a serious thought I find myself more interested in Pharm.D program instead of a PhD. It seems like I will have to spend about 2+ years to complete the prerequisites, because I work full time. Regarding my credentials, I have two masters degrees in fisheries science and aquaculture. One from India and another from the US. I also have extensive research experience and few peer reviewed publications. My GRE scores are 740 Quants; 420 Verbal and 4 on analytical writing. I want to switch fields from fisheries to pharmacy. Do you people think that my present credentials would be helpful in getting an interview call? (assuming that I complete the prerequisites with decent grades and have a good score on the PCAT). Would my GRE scores mentioned above be an added advantage that the admissions committee would consider favorably? (despite my poor verbal score?)
Sorry for my long post, and I would be very happy to read your comments and suggestions.


Dec 14, 2009
Phoenix, AZ
I don't think the GRE would be looked at either way. PCAT has verbal, quant, and writing sections, so they'd just look at them. GPA/pcat get you in the door, everything else adds/subtracts to your chances arbitrarily depending on each pharm school.