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Feb 12, 2007
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very little internal medicine. Lots of trauma. Lots of surgery. Lots of trauma surgery. If I had a dollar for every "presents to the emergency room after an MVA where he was an unrestrained passenger" stems yesterday I feel like I could buy a wii.

Not a single endo question I can recall. Not a single renal/gu question I can recall. One infectious disease question(an easy one about basically what to treat cryptococcal meningitis with). One or two pulm questions. Maybe 3 or 4 cards questions, 2 of which had ekg's and were on the last block back to back.

And then lots of neurology, but more anatomy neuro type stuff. Like a person gets lacerated and you had to know what nerve ran through the area that got cut and what that nerve does. Not parkinsons or alzheimers or multiple sclerosis type neuro.

I just expected lots of cardiology, endocrinology, infectious disease, renal/GU, respiratory, hem/onc, etc.....very little of the test was that type of stuff. Maybe 5-10% at the most, which was very different from what the usmle world representation was.
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