Tooth bling in interviews!


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Apr 29, 2020
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    Hi all,

    Applying this cycle and will hopefully get some interviews (fingers crossed)... I have a very small crystal on the lower corner of my right lateral incisor. It is very, very small and most people do not notice it, but I’m positive a dentist would upon first glance! I have had it for years all throughout undergrad. My family in Europe sport this look! I am otherwise very put together/professional looking. In my opinion it is very unique and stylish. Do you think it could have a negative impact on my appearance in the interviews, or on the other hand, would it help me stand out? It is removable with a dentist’s appointment. I would prefer to keep it but will remove it if necessary. Let me know what you think! Much thanks


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    Sep 15, 2017
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      We have one professor and one student (who just graduated) with some mouth bling. I would say it all depends on the schools you’re applying to. If they tend to be pretty conservative you may want to remove it or consider applying else where, but I think you’ll be fine. And you’re right it might be a nice conversation piece.
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      Apr 21, 2019
        I'm gonna walk into all my interviews like this

        I hope it will help me illustrate my intense passion for the dental sciences
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