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Jan 3, 2004
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Hi,im from Nepal.Currently doing my Masters(in Surgery) in China,3rd year.i have already got P.R for Canada.i was wondering which is a better option U.S or Canada to work in future?...Is Canadian board exam tougher than USMLE?:confused:
I dont have much idea about the Canadian board there any website about that?also,are there any crash course available in Canada for the preparation of the exam?...i have heard that in some province ,they accept USMLE ,does any1 know which are such provinces?more over,irrespective of my degree(masters in surgery),ill have to do the residency again,and the residency will be according to the board exam grading?will my degree have any sort of advantage during that phase?

thanx in advance.


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Jul 10, 2003
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Choosing between the US and Canada is hard.

My opionion.

- The medical system in the US is very competitive. Be prepared to fight for your spot. America is known for their pointless lawsuits. The up side, lots of money.

- Canada is in need of doctors in lots of areas especailly family practice. The pay is lower then American doctors but you are in a less stressful work environment (i.e. Not many doctors in Canada get taken to court) and remember that even though I said you will make less, you will still be making about double what other citizens in Canada make.


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Apr 15, 2003
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what about doing residency fellowship abroad and moving to one of the Indian hospital systems? I see they pay really well too and no law suits and a lot closer to nepal/ home.
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