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Jun 22, 2018
Hi everyone,

I recently got accepted to both Touro CA and RVU’s SMP. I am a bit torn between the two. I had my heart set on RVU and paid their deposit before finding out I was also accepted to Touro CA.

This is my thought process on why I think RVU is a better choice. Their linkage seems to be in tiers, the top two tiers both result in an acceptance to their DO program. In order to be in the top two tiers, you need to earn at least a 3.6. On the other hand, Touro CA only guarantees you an interview as long as you have >3.0 GPA.

I am considering Touro CA primarily because of location. It is relatively close to my family (I do plan on moving out still.) and it might give me a better chance of finding a residency program in CA. Also, they do have a research component integrated into their curriculum unlike RVU which seems to be primarily classes. Tuition for both schools is relatively the same. (~26k)

Please let me know what your thoughts.
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