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Feb 5, 2007
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Hopefully I dont get flamed for starting a thread like this but here goes..

I am torn between TouroNY and UNE.

Obviously UNE seems like it is well established and has had a lot of happy graduates. However the new Touro-ny is in an excellent location with many hospitals, schools, perhaps better for me in the future.

It would only seem to me that i would be more exposed to pathology in the city as compared to the rural areas. But Touro is a new school so I am worried about future matches connections. I have spoken to a doctor I am working with and he told me that it really doesnt matter where you graduate from because in the end, you are a DO regardless. He suggested that I should just go to school where I would want to practice.

Financially - TouroNY cost efficient for me because it is close to home.
School Program - UNE looks like they have a really good program. Although I cant say much for Touro bc its new but their satellite schools seem to be doing well. I still havent even really visited actual school yet because they are not 100% complete.

UNE is absolutely gorgeous... but not much to do (although i am sure with the amount of studying, i wont have time to do anything else)

So in the end, I guess I am just really worried about the rotations & residency placement for Touro. Anyone else have similar dilemma?
I am leaning towards UNE but I would hate to find out later on that Touro would've been a better due to its location!


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Feb 4, 2000
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UNECOM send their grads to good residencies. Your major reason for staying close to home and being more financially stable is important as well.

This is one of those rare occassions when chosing the more established school isnt necessarily the "smarter" choice.
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