TPR Physics Mcat Passage #6 continued

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May 7, 2011
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    ok I get that part now. But when I'm finding the force for path 2 (wire A and wire B), from wire A I'm getting the direction up ( i am using RRG and flipping it since its an electron) and when I'm finding the force from wire B, I'm getting the direction down (using the RHR). So I know I'm doing something wrong. Well, first of all, I thought the magnetic fields cancel out since they're both inside the page for wire A and B. If not then, which wire do we use to find the force for path 2 because the marble is close to both wire A and B??????

    Another question that its bothering me its comparing question 2 and 6. For question 2, I get that the force is zero because wire A is equal in magnitude and opposite in direction from wire B. So, can't we applied the same concept for question 6 as well, meaning that for path 1 and 3, the magnetic fields are equal in magnitude but in opposite directions, therefore the force will also be zero??????
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