TPR test woes


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Jan 25, 2003
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    Bio Sci Physical Verbal

    Princeton Review Test 4911 BS 9 PS 4 V 8

    Princeton Review Test 4931 BS 8 PS 8 V 9

    First test was before ever studying, now after 2 months of studying. But when I look at my raw scores missed, according to AAMC conversions my score is higher. How reliable are the TPR tests compared to the real thing? I'm going to take 3R on Monday.

    PS 50 Right
    V 44 Right
    BS 46 Right
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    Jul 30, 2003
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      don't worry about the AAMC vs. TPR score conversions. every test is different; score conversions can't necessarily be compared for any practical use.

      your numbers aren't bad, either. i'm sure you'll find taking 3R a bit more pleasant than, say, TPR 4911 or 4921.

      lots o' luck!
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