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Oct 21, 2008
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I just started my TPR class a few weeks ago. I'm to try and get a feel for the accuracy of these test. From what I've read on SDN they are harder than the actual exam, and aamc exams are more accurate in predicting your score. I want to just get an idea of this difference.

Thanks to all who would like to share!


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Jul 19, 2008
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I've taken the TPR course and the real MCAT.

Based on what I saw on the real MCAT:

TPR verbal is way harder.
TPR biology is comparable.
TPR physical is slightly harder.

The Science Workbook is gold. Do everything in there.
The ICC is ridiculously hard. Take the timed section seriously, but don't fret about your performance.

The AAMC's I took, #9 and #10, were easier than the real thing, in all sections, but my AAMC practice scores were more representative of my actual score.

They give you tons of practice tests. 17 total from what I remember.
If I were you I'd focus on the Science Workbook and take a TPR test once a week. Then, when you get closer to your test date, maybe within a month of it, take AAMC #7-10.

Do not ****ing neglect anything. My TPR diagnostic was ~5 Physical, 5 Verbal, 10 Bio. I went above and beyond with my Bio prereqs and after my diag decided to neglect the bio section. I ended up with a 11 Physical, 11 Verbal, 8 Bio. Unlucky me.
Aug 1, 2005
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From my two years on the forum, that sounds right.

I would also like to add I think averaging all your scores together and getting an average is a good strategy too.

Here is my rule: Take your practice average on all the tests subtract 2 and if you are happy, then....

Take the real thing!!

Most people score pretty close to their practice average.


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Sep 7, 2006
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I agree with above, but I thought TPR Physical was way harder than the real one or the AAMC. TPR was so calculation and concept-heavy it was ridiculous. I would say TPR verbal is a little, but not that much, harder than the real one.


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Dec 11, 2008
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Can anyone weigh in on the online resources available at TPR? I would like to take the TPR course, but my only concern is that I have heard that Kaplan has better adjusted their course to the computer-based MCAT. Any opinions on this? Thanks.
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